Having fun in VB.NET.

The first steps in VB.NET …
Well it meant allot of reading on how to put things together.

What can you build, how do you start.
The all mighty google friend helped me in finding the info i needed for MyLitlleHelper.

This is the interface:




  • Open Remote C drive
  • Looking for remote user (Terminal server users are not included)
  • Last boot time of remote machine
  • Open the Admin share (ADMIN$)
  • Opening up the SCCM Cache folder (Is defined on a fixed location corresponding to my environment)
  • Opening the %Temp% folder
  • Uploading file(s) to a prefixed folder (\\host\c$\Temp\)
  • Connecting to the remote host to provide Remote assistance.
  • Connecting to the remote host with RDP
  • Copy the user profile from one host to an other
  • Fixing several issue’s with the local Citrix client.(kills citrix processes and renames local app folder)
    – Citrix apps not launching (no error thrown at user) when user starts the *.ica file
    – Acces rights to the local desktop wrongly configured, causing no access to local desktop/laptop
  • Cleaning the %Temp% folder (can be very large, taking up unneeded HDD space)
  • Delete Attachments (Outlook 2010 specific location in the Users profile).
    – If user gets multiple (over 99) files with the same name the file can not be created
    User will get a error thrown by outlook stating that the user has no access to the folder to create the file.


If you have some functions you want extra give me a comment below.
I will be happy to look into the request.

Source + exe : Download
Virustotal output for “My Litlle Helper.exe” : Here