VisionDrive VD9500H FFMPEG Community tool.

The VD9500H is out for a while now.

The VisionDrive company released a few newer firmware’s but the analyzer lacked some features.
So in order to get more out of the *.AVI files that the VD9500H generates i started to play around with FFMPEG.

There are a few nice things you can do with it.

-Split up audio and video channels in different ways.
-Overlay movies so you would end up with a mirror like view from the second cam.

But in order  to get this all working you needed FFMPEG 32 or 64 bit and allot of batch scripts.

So it was time to look at an other solution.
I created this application so you would only have the need for 1 file to do all.

– Includes FFMPEG 32 Bit
– Includes FFMPEG 64 Bit
– Includes the Batch scripts to perform the needed tasks.

if you want you can always test it out on the VD9500H and higher versions like the VD-9600WHG/B.

Download available:
FFmpeg Vision Drive community tool

Link adjusted to V12 of the program